Targeted Results
Our distinction is founded on our personal approach to providing you a thorough
concise method of screening, selecting, placing, and maintaining a qualified,
quality staff of Law Enforcement Professionals – a program we refer to as:
Targeted Results.

Quality Recruits
Targeted Results provides nationally normed and validated job-related basic skills
tests, developed specifically for law enforcement police officers and corrections
personnel – ensuring placement of the best candidate in the proper position.

Well Trained Supervisors
Supervisor effectiveness is attained through Targeted Results by on-going training
programs that keep officers aware of recent law enforcement developments and
“best practices.”

Accurate Job Descriptions
Targeted Results provides on-going accurate and reliable job descriptions that
establish job-related standards to document and measure performance, and provide
a record for compliance with wage and hour laws.

Distinctive SOPS
Effective leadership is ensured as a result of implementing proven policies and
procedures using standards established by CALEA for police departments and ACA
for corrections operations.

Employment Law Compliance
Judicial mandates and employee regulations such as FMLA, ADA, FLSA have
created a need for careful record-keeping, solid employment policies and practices,
and well documented procedures. Targeted Results helps to reduce liability of
costly law suits.

Personnel Administration
Targeted Results is a comprehensive independent program providing services of
staffing assistance, pay surveys, organizational reorganization, and investigations of
employee complaints on behalf of management.
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