Our Solutions
Compliance with Employment Regulations
Advising clients of practices that are consistent with legal guidelines determined by
judicial mandates and employment regulations such as the Family and Medical
Leave Act (FMLA), Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and Fair Labor
Standards Act (FLSA), through careful recordkeeping, better employment policies,
and well documented hiring and termination procedures. WIS conducts audits of
employment practices to recommend improvements in your management

Personnel Policies
Improving employment practices, fine-tuning of policies, and consistent treatment
of employees throughout an organization provides long-term benefits for both
employers and employees. WIS specializes in developing practical policies that
provide standardized "rules of the road" to ensure a modern human resources

As your "Human Resources Department for hire" WIS assists in screening
applicants by utilizing validated tests and successful interviewing techniques in
selecting high quality employees.

Job Descriptions
WIS prepares comprehensive job descriptions and job-related standards to measure

Compensation Plans
Evaluating organization pay structures to ensure "equal pay for equal work."
Recommending compensation adjustments to correct pay inequities and providing
detailed implementation procedures such as performance or longevity pay.

Efficiency Audits
Aiding employers in determining assignments, staffing levels, and assessing the use
of technology.

Supervisor Training
WIS customizes supervisor training to help establish a foundation for making
informed decisions related to productivity and efficiency. WIS provides
understandable explanations of employment policies to improve supervisor

Codifying and updating statute, municipal ordinances, and resolutions for easy use
and reference.

Providing answers to difficult questions regarding management, human resources,
policy administration, and other issues relating to the organization's human
resources operation.
Targeted Results
Our distinction is founded on our personal
approach to providing you a
thorough and
concise method of screening, selecting,
placing, and maintaining a
qualified, quality
staff of
Law Enforcement Professionals
a program we refer to as: Targeted Results.
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