Our Firm
Founded in 1979, Waggoner, Irwin, Scheele and Associates, Inc. (WIS), is a human
resource management consulting firm based in Muncie, Indiana. WIS specializes in
providing management solutions to governmental agencies, including cities, towns,
and counties throughout the country. However, WIS clients also include a variety of
educational institutions, utility companies, airports, health care providers, police and
fire departments, and businesses.

WIS partners are former public administrators and have been engaged to conduct
assignments for two Governors. Kent Irwin and Ray Scheele possess over 60 years
experience in public administration.

The firm was founded by the late O. Samuel Waggoner and R. Kent Irwin. Raymond
H. Scheele, Ph.D. joined the firm as a partner in 1983.
Our Difference
Customized solutions. Personalized attention. Proven results.
WIS consultants are recognized professionals who are recipients of national awards
and honors
, and have written numerous articles in regional and national human
resources publications.

Based in Muncie, Indiana, home to Ball State University, WIS brings to its clients the
strength and advantage of its proximity to a wealth of academic resources and a vast
pool of nationally recognized professional associates who are retained by the firm.

Our distinction is founded on our
personal approach to keeping our clients attuned to
latest advances and developments in human resources management, and
providing timely answers to current workplace problems.
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